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The Five Capitals: Wealth as Well-Being

THE FIVE CAPITALS: WEALTH AS WELL-BEING James (Jay) E. Hughes believes families should exist to enhance the lives of their members. He’s spent his career uncovering how families with significant financial capital can leverage all their resources to build a family that...

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The Hughes Family Bank

PHILOSOPHY The Revenue side of the Family Balance Sheet Enhance each family member’s goals High risk/Low interest lender Expectation that loans will be repaid Adopt the Rothschild model ORGANIZATION Not formally chartered so no possible regulation Board of Directors...

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The Family Balance Sheet

Assets The family represented by the individual members of the family of affinity The family's human capital The family's intellectual capital The family's financial capital The family's social capital LiabilitiesLong-term Family Risks The Proverb, "Shirt sleeves to...

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