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Board Meeting of James Hughes Foundation


Rooted in Jay Hughes’ landmark Five Capitals research, The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of family governance and generational well-being.

Our Purpose

The spirit of Jay does not reside in a single institution or building. It resides within the individuals that have a burning desire to learn and serve families for the purpose of families flourishing. The JEHJF is designed to spread the spirit of Jay to as many individuals as have this desire.


Founder of James Hughes Foundation

James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr., Esq.

Jay Hughes has spent his entire career in service of families looking to find and fulfill their purpose while serving as an invaluable guide to countless family office executives.

Through his landmark study of the five capitals and the way they can positively impact the individuals within a family, Jay is committed to shifting the world’s understanding of wealth as a financial burden to that of holistic well-being.

“Jay has brought such a unique degree of humanity to the problems of families… What Jay did so wonderfully was to restore the other forms of family capital to prominence in the mindset of the advisor, which allows us to focus on more than just the financial aspect and deliver much more holistic and valuable advice to the family, and frankly positions the family for much longer-term success.”

David Wells, Founding Contributor

Board of Directors

Kenneth H.Polk

Kenneth H. Polk

Mary Duke

Mary Duke

Peter Evans

Peter Evans

Foundation Team

Kenneth H.Polk

Catherine Rollhaus, Executive Director

Mary Duke

Anne D’Andrea, Archivist